Healthy BreakfastTEACHERS: IESO Gévora.School Subjects: Interdisciplinary
Students: All of them

During this term, the tutor´s action will be focus on the following topic “educating for a healthy life”. the Orientation Department has organized different activities to make our students aware of the importance of healthy habits. Among other aspects, we will deal with healthy food, anorexia, bulimia, physical education, drugs and some of their consequences such as self-steem or hygiene.
In order to be successful, some qualified professionals will help us to carry out these activities.

I Fruit Day.

On February 17th, the Orientation Department organized “ I Fruit Day” to encourage students to the consumption of this type of food. This activity consisted of distributing different kinds of fruit during the break of our pupils.

I Dairy products.

On 24th February, the Orientation Department organized “I Dairy products”. It consisted of having some milk, yogurt, shakes and cheese during the break of our pupils. This was a very successful activity, and everybody at school participated.

Healthy breakfast.

From 1st to 4th March, the Orientation Department organized a new activity. It consisted of showing our students a model of a healthy breakfast, and making them aware of the importance of it. Everybody at school participated in this activity together with some parents who help us to develop it. It is outstanding to mention the economic help that we had from the Student´s Parents Association to carry out all these activities.