G.S.SGreece--Spain - Sweden
I will run to you
to you that I am missing you.
our distances, so long but
it means nothing to me..
Follow me, to my world and I’ll follow you to yours
you can’t say: I can’t meet you

Because you can
we are birds and birds can fly
to G.S.S I will be there (there)
Now you’ll come with us
cause I know you want it
We had so much fun to G.S.S

One week in your home
I made up my mind
I’ll feel like you
you’ll feel like me
and I will never leave
(I can’t imagine something better)

Cause we can
we are birds and birds can fly

to G.S.S I will be there
Show me please
the way you live

I want you so much to teach me…..
we can be like one…
to G.S.S


By Nefeli-Stavroula ChatzirodiaΝεφέλη- Σταυρούλα Χατζηροδιά


Music is an art form whose medium is sound and silence. Its common elements are, rhythm, dynamics, timbre and texture. The word's origin cames from the Greek word μουσική. There are many types of music such as:
Classical Music
Rock Music
Metal Music
Hip-hop Music
Rap Music
Wedding Ceremony Music
Trance Music
Jazz Music
Folk Music
Techno Music
Opera Music
Industrial Music
Emo Music
Greek Traditinal music

Try to write your own music...
to compose the rythm
to write lyrics with rhyme- in English

Lets hear your Creativity....