How do young people spend their free time? Do they exercise? Which are the most popular sports in your country?
Πως περνούν οι νέοι τον ελεύθερο χρόνο τους; Αθλούνται; Ποια είναι τα πιο δημοφιλή αθλήματα για τους νέους στην Ελλάδα;
¿A qué se dedican los jóvenes en su tiempo libre? ¿Cuáles son los deportes más favoridos entre los jóvenes en España?

Here in Greece teenagers have a lot of interestings to spend their free time. Some of our interestings are sport facilities. A lot of sports athletics like football,basketball,tennis,voleyball and generally here we are big fans of sports. The most famous sports here are football and basketball. A lot of tournaments and sport camps take part in our country every year. For this reason we have plenty of talented football,basketball and voleyball players like Vasilis Hatzipanagis,Mimis Domazos,Dimitris Saravakos,Nikos Galis,Panagiotis Giannakis and others.


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